Jeevam – An UVSC


Our Health Care Professionals (HCPs) have always BEEN THE FRONT LINE WARRIORS, to combat against COVID-19. During this pandemic, our HCPs have put their life at stake while saving the people.

To further support and ensure the safety of our HCPs, we are proud to introduce a new life-saving system ‘Jeevam – An UVSC’. The Health Warrior has to enter the Jeevam Chamber by wearing the PPE Kit. Within 10 – 20 seconds, the Jeevam will automatically sanitize them. The Jeevam is designed with utmost care for its intensity and dosage calculations. It is the first of its kind and unique in the world. UV exposure duration, dosage, and intensity are the intellectual property of the company.

The Jeevam is aimed to ensure safety and build confidence among doctors and HCPs. It can also be used to reduce the carbon footprint and make the planet green.




Model Number: Jeevam 1.0
Product Type: UV-C Chamber
Voltage: 240v
Frequency: 50Hz
Phase: Single
Power: 400w (Operation Condition)
Weight: 107 kg (Net) - 130 kg (Gross)
Mode of operation: Automatic
Body Type: Aluminum & MS
Color: Powder-coated (Texture Finish) Grey-blue Classic with Graphene coating
Effective UVC Lamp Life Cycle: 2000 hrs / More than 10 Lakhs Cycle (Standard Product)
Process Cycle: 20 Second Maximum
Capacity: Sanitize one person at a time
Safety Feature: Proximity sensor, HEPA Filter, IEC Compliance, U.S. FDA Regulations Compliance
Dimension (mm): 2180 x 1067 x 1067 (H x L x W)
UV Type: Ultraviolet C (UVC)
UV Dosage: Pulsed dosage in compliance with U.S. FDA regulations
USP: IPR Protected Product
Application: Hospitals, Doctors, Medical Staff, Laboratories & Health Workers, etc.


  • In compliance with U.S. FDA, OSHA, and ACGIH
  • A licensed product from CDSCO Government of India
  • IPR Protected Design
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Effective Lamp Life Cycle: 2000 hrs
  • More than 10,00,000 Cycle
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Non-Contact Type
  • Total Operating Time 10 - 20 Seconds
  • Portable and Light Weight
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Audio Instructions
  • Low Cost and easy to operate
  • Deactivates 99.99% microbes including COVID-19 virus, bacteria, fungus, and yeast.


Medical Staff
Health Workers


Yes, we can. Also, we recommend do not dispose of the PPE kit until it is Sterilized.

A person can get exposed to Jeevam 10 times in a day (8hrs).

Yes, it is, But we have limited the dosage which is up to 70% less than the safe limits of irradiation for humans human safety thresholds value by following US-FDA/OSHA/ACGIH guidelines.

Jeevam 1.0 was specifically designed for frontline health workers wearing PPE Kits. No Covid warrior enters in the Covid ward without PPE kit hence our base model Jeevam 1.0 is recommended to wear PPE kit. However as said earlier Jeevam has scope to go beyond PPE kit.

Yes, Jeevam has scope beyond PPE kit. We have customized solution for this. Jeevam 1.0 is our standard model which is used with PPE kit. However UV exposure in Jeevam is within the safe limits of irradiation for humans by following US-FDA/OSHA/ACGIH guidelines.

Jeevam is designed with utmost care for skin & eyes. However, according to WHO guidelines you should wear UV Goggles and cover your skins before exposing to UV rays. Therefore we recommend to protect skin and eyes.

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