JEEVAM – An UV-C Sterilization Chamber

To support and ensure the safety of our HCPs, we are proud to introduce a new life saving system ‘Jeevam – An UVSC’ . The Health Warrior has to enter the Jeevam Chamber by wearing the PPE Kit. Within 10 – 20 seconds, the Jeevam will automatically sanitize them. The Jeevam is designed with utmost care for its intensity and dosage calculations. It is the first of its kind and unique in the world. UV exposure duration, dosage and intensity are the intellectual property of the company.

Ergonomic Design
No Harmful Chemicals
Total Operating Time 10 – 20 Seconds
PIR Sensor
Audio Instructions
Low Cost and easy to operate

“Jeevam – An UVSC : Life Saver for the Real Life Savers”

Certificates & Trust